Magical Realism (noun)

A story where magic becomes a natural part of the hero’s ordinary world.

From Award-winning author Elizabeth Langston...

Happy Book Birthday to Whispers from the Past!

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Elizabeth Langston, and I write young adult fiction.

As you browse this site, you'll find information about my books, contact info, and a brief bio. I have a blog with postings about what it's like to be a writer and, occasionally, an article or two that's more personal.

The Extras page contains fun stuff, such as my appearances, a photo gallery, some interviews, recipes, and research. If you're a writer, I've included a few helpful resources for you as well.

Whisper Falls and A Whisper In Time, the first two books in my debut series, are available now! The final book, Whispers From the Past releases in October. This trilogy weaves together my three favorite genres—magical realism, contemporary, and historical fiction. Whisper Falls starts on a biking trail in North Carolina and takes a detour into something magical.

And join me again in November for the start of a new series. I Wish tells the story of a girl in need of a miracle who stumbles across a "genie" with rules.

Thanks for dropping by!