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North Carolina Readers - Join me at Quail Ridge Books on October 17th!

Writing as Julia Day, my first YA contemporary romance, The Possibility of Somewhere, will release in September 2016 from St. Martin's Press!

Browse my site for more details about my YA romances (writing as Julia Day) and my magical realism series (writing as Elizabeth Langston.) You'll also find information about contact info, a brief bio, a blog, and an Extras page containing other fun stuff, such as my appearances, a photo gallery, some interviews, recipes, and research. If you're a writer, I've included a few helpful resources for you as well.

The Whisper Falls series (Whisper Falls, A Whisper In Time, and Whispers From the Past) weaves together my three favorite genres—magical realism, contemporary, and historical fiction. The series starts on a biking trail in North Carolina and takes a detour into something magical.

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